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Hi, my name is George. I live in Colchester, England. Jill’s self portrait stunned me. What a woman!

Feedback Jill Stuttgart

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Full of self-confidence and seduction. Would she seduce me? I am an engineer and electronics are my world in the daytime. Therefore I look for something completely different in my leisure-time. True ladies are the perfect contrast to the electronical world that surrounds me during daylight. Jill, I assumed, was a true lady. I did not know then, she was also a wizard, a lightning, a thunderstorm, a vortex, whirling you until all your reserves are depleted, only to wrap you up in perfect harmony afterwards. I sent Jill an email, asking for a four-hour meeting at Friday night. Jill agreed to meet me in the Lobby of the Park Inn by Radisson, my Stuttgart hotel.

She showed up on time. Boy, what an appearance. She did not walk into the room, she hovered. She spotted me at once and soon after she really hooked me up. I regretted to have booked for four hours only, unfortunately Jill did not have time for an extension of another two hours, since she had to attend a private party. There was both, happiness and melancholy on my mind, when she left. We agreed this was not our last Stuttgart escort, it was but the beginning of a series of erotic encounters. Thank you Jill for showing me the fine city of Stuttgart, about the other entertainments you gave me we don’t talk, we just do it.